Interaction between speaker and amplifier


If you are running a classical hifi system with one of our passive speakers or you are intend to buy one and would like to check if your amplifier fits, this is a general description about the synergy of amp and a Manger system.

For a detailled and natural reproduction of recordings a fast driving (amplifier) is of prime importance. Now, conventional multiway speakers affect to oscillate caused by their mechanical mass-spring-behaviour, the so-called transient ringing (see also ‚Acoustical Reality’), which is boosted by the fast drive. One feels this reproduction as less musical, technical or even agressive.
„Slow“ amplifiers round this mechanical caused transient ringing and are described as more musical. The actual effect of a „slow“ amplifier is the smoothing of the transient oscillation, especially of the tweeter. The effect is reducted, but the cause is not solved.

Such transient oscillation doesn’t arise in the Manger sound transducer by its physical principle. With an extreme fast rise time of 13 microseconds and a „fast“ amplifier as driving, it easily reproduces all tiny details of sound. These fine structure enables the perception and localisation of voices and instruments. In combination with a „fast“ amplifier the Manger sound transducer provides also an extraordinary realistic and three-dimensional reproduction of music. The reproduction is really lifelike.
But this doesn't mean that tubes don't sound, but a tube is more like viewing an object with a warmer light and a fast solid state is like daylight. The Manger® sound transducer is like an acoustical lense. Any change in the equipment is perceivable.

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