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Modern times have long been our everyday life. Flat screen TVs, tablet PCs and music systems are growing together and presenting new challenges that do not always leave space for large speakers. The Manger w1 meets these requirements. Suitable for wall mounting, implemented without compromise in terms of technology and craftsmanship, the Manger w1 opens up new perspectives in terms of quality and practicality.

Brilliant director

Compact and easy to attach to a wall, two Manger w1s are powerful partners for a stereo system or a modern flat screen TV. As a center, a Manger w1 also uncompromisingly takes over the direction in a high-quality surround system. Wherever adult, room-filling sound is required and space is scarce, the Manger w1 is the first choice and can be inconspicuously integrated into any ambience.

A star is born

The acoustic heart of the Manger w1 wall loudspeaker is the patented Manger sound transducer. It seamlessly transmits the entire audio spectrum from low tones to the highest frequencies. Since all signals are reproduced from one point, they always hit our hearing at the same time, wherever we are in the room. The result: an exorbitant impulse fidelity and splendid spatial representation that is far ahead of classic multi-way loudspeakers.

Comfortable expert

The Manger w1 can be attached flush to a wall. The rear wall of the loudspeaker is constructed in such a way that high-quality cables can be conveniently fed in from the sides or from below. Solid connection terminals guarantee permanent, clean signal transmission.

Always in top form

The gently angled front of the Manger w1 offers enormous advantages in practice, it allows a particularly balanced radiation pattern that fills the room over a large area. Two of the loudspeakers can be installed to the left and right of a flat screen television, but they do not have to be close to the flat screen TV. The Manger w1 can just as easily be installed quite high, for example in connection with a projector. The angled shape ensures that the sound at the seat unfolds its full potential.

Sound - perfectly staged

Thanks to the large selection of exquisite veneers and colors, the Manger w1 is perfect in terms of sound and appearance in any environment. Whether inconspicuous in white, elegant in black lacquer or any color of your choice - the Manger w1 is entirely based on your wishes.

In our impressions below is just a brief selection.

Immersive Experience

Lite Magazin
Sep 2022

Open up new doors of reality

March 2017

Gold class

Hifi Vision
June 2016


Nov 2015


Type Passive 1-Way On-Wall Speaker
Impedance 8 Ohms
Frequency Range 150 Hz – 40 kHz
High pass frequency 150 Hz
Sensitivity 89 dB 1 W/1 m
Max SPL 106 dB Peak
Dimensions 10.4” x 17.2” x 2.8"/5.4” (264 x 436 x 71/136 mm)
Angle 16°
Weight 17.6 lbs (8 kg)
Manger® Sound Transducer
Rec. power 50 – 200 W
Connectors Single-Wiring Terminal with 3 cable channels (Left/Right/Center)
Wall mounting Wall fixing plate including drilling template
Finish all colors or UltraHigh Gloss
Applications Pure on-wall stereo or full/part immersive audio system


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