Acoustical Reality

by Josef W. Manger (*1929 - †2016)
Inventor of the Manger Sound Transducer

100% Made in Germany

German craftsmanship is our heritage,
but we are recognized worldwide.

Manger® Sound Transducer

The heart of our systems
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Precision in sound is our passion

That it is like this, wrote FIDELITY in their company report

A journey through time

Take a walk down memory lane and read how
Josef W. Manger started his journey and lifegoal

The hearing phenomenon

Noises, sounds and music are probably the only things that remain with us throughout our life

Proven Theory

A letter from Prof.Dr. Manfred Heckl to Josef Manger.

Custom High End Installations

We're proud to equip some of the most exciting places with our systems.

Experience Manger

The best way to get goosebumps is to experience a Manger system. We offer various ways: