Ultimate choreography

Music is more than a collection of notes, tones and bars - it combines creativity, art and passion in a temporal context. Temporal perfection is the framework of the music - in the original as in the reproduction. The Manger s1 active loudspeakers follow this choreography more consistently than any other loudspeaker and are thus able to reproduce music unadulterated and holistically.


Magical moments

To distinguish the lively, fresh playing of a Stradivarius from the round, full element of a Guarneri violin - that is a challenge that conventional loudspeakers fail. The Manger p1, on the other hand, reveal precisely this objectivity to music lovers. With their breathtakingly natural timbres and their authentic reproduction, the p1 bring magical moments.

The next step

The flagship model p2 consistently acts on this maxim and takes another important step in approaching the ideal of time correct and faithful audio reproduction.

Unerrating masters

Music has no limits. The soft tones of a Gregorian chant, the powerful dynamics of a symphony, the cutting guitar riffs of a metal band – the c1 active compact monitors handle everything expertly. These loudspeakers serve the music so neutrally that renowned recording studios consider the c1 as indispensable.

Concentrated competence

A great concert, the favorite artist unplugged - experiences like this get under your skin. The unfiltered interaction between musician and auditorium touches all the senses. The Manger z1 bring emotional moments to life true to the original, up close and gripping, while they hold back themselves in size and shape elegantly. Music culture in a concentrated form.

Modern, universal, perfect

Modern times have long been our everyday life. Flat screen TVs, tablet PCs and music systems are growing together and presenting new challenges that do not always leave space for large speakers. The Manger w1 meets these requirements. Suitable for wall mounting, implemented without compromise in terms of technology and craftsmanship, the Manger w1 opens up new perspectives in terms of quality and practicality.


Manger Reference music sampler CD or Vinyl,
the Manger Holoprofile (patented sound guide),
c1 speaker stands and the newest development,
our cone feet cf1.

Experience Manger

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