Concentrated competence

A great concert, the favorite artist unplugged - experiences like this get under your skin. The unfiltered interaction between musician and auditorium touches all the senses. The Manger z1 bring emotional moments to life true to the original, up close and gripping, while they hold back themselves in size and shape elegantly. Music culture in a concentrated form.

Inner values

The Manger z1 sound breathtakingly natural. Elementary building blocks on the way to this goal are the modern woofer and the patented Manger sound transducer.
The intelligent architecture of the bass chassis guarantees precise and powerful bass down to the lowest register. The star-shaped Manger sound transducer is responsible for the frequencies from the lower mids to beyond the human hearing limit. The meticulously handcrafted high-tech chassis combines maximum impulse fidelity with exemplary neutrality and impeccable timing.

Consistent construction

The uncompromisingly solid housing of the Manger z1 offers the ideal prerequisites for faithful reproduction. Rounded edges improve the radiation behavior, struts inside and the particularly thick front reduce possible housing vibrations to a minimum. The loudspeaker connections are easily accessible and equipped with WBT nextgen™ speaker sockets. They are among the best that the world market has to offer.

High tech and craft

In the Manger z1 - as in all Manger loudspeakers - tradition and modernity meet. Masterful craftsmanship guarantees a processing quality that is in no way inferior to the finest furniture. Decades of experience, intensive research and development work form the foundation from which innovative technologies such as the Manger sound transducer are created. In the Manger z1, cutting-edge technology and design merge at the highest level.

Tame or wild

- you decide In terms of sound, the Manger z1 are sometimes gentle, sometimes aggressive, just as the software dictates. In the end, you alone decide how you like the Manger z1. Restrained in pastel tones, black or white or avant-garde cheeky in all conceivable color variations. Of course, Manger also offers a large selection of the finest veneers.

Below is a brief selection:

Plays perfectly with Devialet and Linn

To bring powerful technology to your passive Manger speaker, the Manger z1 seamlessly works with both Linn’s Exakt and Devialet’s SAM Processing. In combination with Exakt, your passive speaker is enhanced with powerful software and performance features, becoming an upgradeable, intelligent speaker.

That's High Fidelity.

LP magazin
May 2015

Spectacularly natural

Nov 2014

emotional music reproduction
Dec 2014


Type Passive 2-Way Compact Speaker
Impedance 4 Ohms
Frequency Range 40 Hz – 40 kHz
Crossover Frequency 360 Hz
Sensitivity 89 dB 1 W/1 m
Max SPL 106 dB Peak
Dimensions 21.0” x 10.6” x 14.3” (534 x 270 x 364 mm)
Weight 57.3 lbs (26 kg)
High + Mid Manger® Sound Transducer
Bass 8” (200 mm) Custom made Carbon Fiber-Paper Sandwich Design, 42mm Voice coil ø
Enclosure closed
Rec. power 50 – 200 W
Connectors Bi-Wiring – WBT plasmaprotect nextgenTM Cu
Finish customized - all colors, veneer or UltraHigh Gloss
z1 stand Height: 524mm -
Footplate: 0.78" x 14.1" x 18.3" (20 x 358 x 465mm),
Finish: Aluminum anodised silver or black
Devialet - SAM® Processing available
LINN Space Optimisation listed in LINN database
LINN Exakt Filter listed - ask us for LINN database access


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