Our recommendations for March 2016

April 08, 2016, by Jochen Bareiss

Our Classical recommendation

Memories: Russian Album

The concert given by the Troussov siblings on our music stage in February was simply breathtaking. Kyrill Troussov, who plays a Brodsky violin (the instrument used for the premier of the Tschaikowsky concert), enchanted the audience from the very start. Together with his sister Alexandra he forms a well-attuned team that doesn't  have to fear any competition.

Recommended by Dieter Mondrejewski, Classical Music Department

Kyrill Troussov, Violine/Alexandra Troussova, Klavier
Memories – Russian Album

MDG 6031903-2/ CD


BR Klassik: FolksLied

Not only connoisseurs consider Christian Gerhaher to be the greatest Lieder (art song) performer of the presence. Nobody would seriously hesitate to call him the legitimate successor of legendary Lieder singer Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau. The new CD is dedicated to compositions by Haydn, Beethoven and Britten which were based on English folk music. Special attraction of this recording is the trio accompaniment consisting of piano, violin and cello.

Recommended by Ting Lin Fu, Classical Music Department

Beethoven-Britten-Haydn/ Gerhaher-Huber-Barachovsky-Klinger


Our Jazz recommendation

Tord Gustavsen, Simin Tander, Jarle Vespestad: What was said

Jazz pianist Tord Gustavsen always stands for quality. This time he has put together a unique trio composed of German-Afghan singer Simin Tander and drummer Jarle Vespestad. The special charm of the trio's performance lies in its focus on the essentials and whets the appetite for more music from this unusual line-up.

Recommended by Harald Jensch, Jazz and World Music Department

Tord Gustavsen, Simin Tander, Jarle Vespestad
What was said

ECM 4708697/CD


Scott Hamilton, Karin Krog u.a.: The Best Things in Life

In the 60s Norwegian Karin Krog was a pioneer of jazz in Scandinavia. Tenor sax player Scott Hamilton is a constant of mainstream jazz. Together they create a well-balanced sound that only grand masters are capable of - accomplished but nonetheless with understatement.

Recommended by our Jazz Department

Scott Hamilton, Karin Krog u.a.:
The Best Things in LifeLabel 

Stunt Records (in-akustik), 147747 3CD


Nils Wogram: Wise men can be wrong

Nils Wogram's new album is surprisingly conventional, although pretty unorthodox and unusual at once. Being an old hand he performs the songs with ease and remains true to his personal style, while his smooth trombone sound breathes new life into the world-famous melodies by Henri Mancini and Cole Porter.

Recommended by Ernst Nebhuth, Jazz Department

Nils Wogram
Wise men can be wrong

Nwog Records (Edel) 014

Written by Jochen Bareiss

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