Our recommendations for January 2016

January 29, 2016, by Jochen Bareiss

Here you can find suggestions for audiophile listening

Reference: Ludwig Beck, Kaufhaus der Sinne, http://kaufhaus.ludwigbeck.de/kaufhaus/musik/neuheiten/

Our Classical recommendation

The Clarinotts: Ernst, Daniel and Andreas Ottensamer

Laymen will rub their eyes (and later on their ears as well!). The Ottensamer guys – a father and his sons – not only play the clarinet excellently but each musician is a soloist with one of the two most famous orchestras in the world. And the fact that they are all quite handsome isn't a disadvantage for the total package. So besides their international solo careers the three gentlemen are enjoying an equally successful ensemble career and the question comes to mind who could possibly be the mother of this miraculous family. Well, her name is Cecilia and she's a violoncellist! Any questions?

Recommmended by Dieter Mondrejewski, Classical Music Department

Ernst, Daniel andAndreas Ottensamer
The Clarinotts

DG 4811917/ CD


Our Jazz recommendation

Joe Haider Jazz Orchestra: Keep it Dark. 

The 80-year-old Joe Haider is a musician who rendered outstanding services to the German and Swiss jazz scene. His roots go back to the legendary 'domicile' on Leopoldstraße/Munich, where he used to play the piano in the 50s and ensured that the German audience stayed familiar with American standards. Now, Haider takes his own compositions and a big band on tour through Germany and Switzerland where he had managed his well-known jazz school for many years.

Recommmended by Ernst Nebhuth, Jazz Department

Joe Haider Jazz Orchestra
Keep it Dark. 


Written by Jochen Bareiss

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