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December 31, 2013, by Daniela Manger

Starting our next 45 years with our evolved brand

The year 2014 marks the 45th anniversary of Manger. As part of the celebration, we have released a new look and design for the Manger brand.

You have probably noticed our new website. We’ve built a brand new system to incorporate everything around our company in one place. And of course we continue to work on social media and stay in contact with you personally.


Website before & after

This new website will give us the chance to tie in the topics that matter to us, and talk about the things that are important to us and our business. We hope that you feel at home on the new website and that you will come back often. Your feedback and patronage means everything to us and we hope that the new website will even bring us closer online.

Exciting weeks and months lay behind us. Besides shooting images that we can use in our communication, working on content for the website or planning new ideas and business opportunities, we have taken careful steps towards a whole new look. The folks from CMPLT have designed a new logo for Manger and we were part of this process. We are very proud of the outcome and this new logo that will be on the forefront of everything that we do in our communications from now on. We wanted the new brand to appear classic, elegant, modern and more simplistic, so that whatever we do sheds light on our products and our passion that drives us when creating them.


Changing our design has been a well considered step, and while we have thought about it in the past, we felt that now is the right time. Over the past 45 years, you’ve seen our products become more elegant as well, even winning prestigeous product design awards.

The c1 wins a design award in 2012

But not only looks have changed on the outside: better materials and improved fabrication steps have enabled us to contineously build stronger and more robust audio systems that are extremely precise on the inside. And we will continue to improve and strive for the best possible outcome.



We are proud of our heritage and proud of the revolutionary loudspeaker systems what Josef W. Manger has started many decades ago. And what drove him 45 years ago still drives us today: or promise "precision in sound" that we have always carried with us and will continue to do so in our claim. Even more, we also wanted our web-address and name to be accompanied by something more elegant and approachable. So say goodbye to manger-msw.de, so as of today, Manger Products becomes Manger Audio and you can start the journey with us on www.mangeraudio.com. And we will continue to keep a close relation to our customers, we would be happy about your feedback by commenting this entry or sending an email to info@mangeraudio.com at all times.


What's next?

Shortly we are going to introduce the german language of this website and plan to add more languages as we go. As we speak, we're finishing our mobile-optimized version of the website as well, so stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter or come back to mangeraudio.com.

Written by Daniela Manger

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