Feedback from 1000 Volt Productions, Istanbul

March 31, 2011, by Daniela Manger

For every professional occupied in studios working with sound, we are exposed to high quality equipment due to the profile that we serve. However, when one comes across Manger speakers, I recommend that one should not to stop and think about it but rather go right ahead and listen to them immediately. I have used equipment that were all in one form or another leading in their own way all throughout my broadcast and studio experiences. However, after my first audition wih Manger speakers, the confusion of leading equipment in different ways was eliminated and I realized for the first time that I found what I was looking for. Needless to say, the satisfaction I got working with Manger speakers shortly after was of course the biggest in my life. I am now able to hear in great detail the sounds I work with and with great confidence finish my work not having to consider how it will sound like on other equipment of different qualities. Also when listening, one really appreciates a good mix, not just because of the sound but the level of detail revelaled by these speakers which with one word I would summarize as "incredible" technology.

Erkan Cigit

At the end of it all, it doesn't matter what equipment we use to listen, but ultimately what we hear. When I first listened to Manger's, I tried to compare it with something else I've heard. However, in practicality I realized that I hadn't heard anything like this before. Nothing even gets close to this. Whatever you heard of before and made of it all, after hearing Manger monitors you will be elavated to a new level. The technology is unprecedented. A new dimension with incredible clarity opens up right before your ears. This allows one to hear every subtle change during a mix. I recommend that high definition sound should be heard from the owner of this trademark and for you to hear and see the difference as a result.
I feel priveleged to be working with Manger sound systems - and this is coming from someone who works behind the scenes. Whether you're a listener or a professional, this is a true privilege that you want in your life.

Tunc Toprak

To hear or to feel with your whole body!
Manger speakers are between these fine lines.
For those who want to feel this for themselves, I recommend that they set out on this unbelievable journey without losing any time.
Thank you Joseph Manger.

Erkan Altinok

Being an engineer, I'd like to say that the engineering behind the Manger monitors as opposed to other monitors striked me first, and as a result, Manger monitors are in a league of their own from my point of view.
The key differences that make them so special are:
1 - The correct reference:
In pro-audio, the most important tool for us is a correct reference - similar to a ship that's lost in the ocean and trying to find it's course with a compass. Technically and esthetically a correct and detailed listening level impacts the quality of work being produced directly, enabling one to make the difference.
2- Natural and pristine sound reproduction:
Another great distinction of Manger speakers is that whether we are working with them or we have a customer listening to them, it is possible to do this for hours without any fatigue. The natural and detailed sound reproduction without any noise and distortion is the closest you can get to reality.
3- Wide listening area:
Manger sound systems ensure a vritually perfect listening experience in every part of the room that it is being listened to. This enables each listener in different places to experience pretty much the same quality and characteristic of sound being reproduced. This is especially an advantage for us during our presentations to our customers.
For all these years, we were thinking that we were using the best sound reproduction solutions out there, this changed with Manger. On behalf of 1000 Volt, we believe it's our duty to thank Joseph Manger and the Turkish partner Saydam Sound Solutions for introducing this technology to us.

Murat Akbulut

Written by Daniela Manger

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