Feedback about the Analogue Forum 2015

November 03, 2015, by Daniela Manger

Analogue makes friends/fun - this was the actual motto of the show, which was already the 29th Analog Forum.

There were two beautiful autumn days and also a holiday, but the fans of 'analogue
listening' didn't keep away. The rooms were pretty crowded on both days. And we,
the exhibitors, were very happy about it.

In Krefeld, we presented the z1 for the first time at a show. You might already have
read the reviews about this speaker. We collected many compliments and of course,
we were very happy about it. Visual and sound wise the products of PTP Audio
and Manger Audio matched perfectly.


Thanks to Peter Reinders (PTP Audio) and Bernd Hemmen (Primary control).
It was a pleasure!

I would like to say that I'm looking forward to the next years event. And finally I would
like to recommend you a wonderful recording:

Photos by Daniela Manger and Bernd Hoemke

Written by Daniela Manger

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