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19.10.2015, von Daniela Manger

"Thanks to a demonstration at Garmt's (comparing Harbeth M30.1 and Manger Z1), I now am the proud owner of a pair of Manger Z1 playing together with the Devialet 200. With SAM turned on, the phase and timing between the bass speaker and the Manger transducer is so much better. It really makes the whole system time-coherent. In my relatively small room with the speakers almost against the back wall, the low extension by SAM gets a bit overwhelming. However, you can control the amount of low extension by SAM through the control menu of the Devialet 200. In my case, turning it back to 25-50% delivers a very smooth balanced sound. When you have large speakers with already enough lows, you still gain the advantage of phase/time correction at the low end by activating SAM and set the level to 0-10%. For me Manger and Devialet seem to be an unbeatable couple when it comes to natural reproduction of sound."

A.v. D.

Unsere z1 und p1 sind 'SAM ready'. Hier lesen Sie mehr über das Modell z1: /de/systeme/produkt/manger-z1/

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