Kundenstimmen zum Holoprofil®, CD Sampler und Referenz-LP

13.06.2022, von Daniela Manger

Unser Zubehör, wie das Holoprofil sowie die Manger LP und CD wurden mit derselben Leidenschaft entwickelt wie unser Manger Schallwandler.
Lesen Sie, was unsere Kunden dazu sagen.

"...I have just bought your LP. It sounds really outstanding, some tracks like the cut of Four Season - I have never listened the records of Four Season can be sounded so 3D and dynamic...very time when I listen this track, it makes me feel I am with the orchestra! It is really close to the original....unbelievable!...nothing can compare with this LP!...."
Ken Koo, Hong Kong


"Please give my compliments to the person who compiled your demonstration CD, it's the best in business"
Flemming E. Rasmussen (President Gryphon Audio)


W. Brendemühl


"...it is not just that the sound image becomes clearer and the localization more precise, it is much more. This can be best described by just two words: superfluous disappears..."
H. Göbel


"...after only a few hours listening I already don't want to miss it. Just as I don't want to do without the Manger sound transducer, after more than twenty years of searching..."
R. Künstler


"... Above all else I felt a much better spatial image in addition to the improvement in the listening zone and, mainly in the lower mid-range, an as yet unheard distinguishability of both instruments and tones."
K. Lautenbach


"... The sound effects of the Holoprofil were considerable. The presence of a recording room was clearly perceptible and the arrangement of the sound sources were more clearly contoured."
F. Husvogt


"... In small jazz ensembles the percussion is explosive, the cymbals sparkle brilliantly. Drum beats and bass runs also sound clearer and can be perceived via the diaphragm even at low volumes."
K.-H. Flock-Reimer

Feedback on our Manger reference CD


"Thank you so much for sending your demo CD that really convinced me. You have truly succeeded in unifying the best of the best on this CD."
H.-D. Böttger


"Thank you for this brilliant CD."
B. Klose


"This CD is much more than just a demo CD."
H. Brings


"I have seldom heard a CD with such an excellent selection of music examples. The sound quality and the interpretations leave nothing to be desired. Serious music-lover get their money's worth."
E. Budy


"It is such a success that it earns the title "Music from another world"."
B. Kaliebe


"Congratulations on this compilation that is well above average. It is a pleasure to discover the properties of the different recording rooms, and "to see" who is sitting where with what instrument."
G. Wiegel

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